Art is wherever you can find it. And it's in a lot of places! For as long as I can remember, I've always like to "do" art. That meant drawing, painting, making things out of cardboard, whatever. Essentially, using my imagination to create things. So why launch this store?

Well, I spent 9 days in the ICU in 2021 and almost died. I'd had a few rough days - one consisted of me laying in bed just trying to breathe. At that point, for whatever reason, I know I was going to live. I remember laying there on the bed and I thought, "Okay God. Thanks for the second chance. What am I supposed to do with it?"

You see, at one point in my life I'd turned away from art because it didn't seem like something that I could sustain. How does one sell art? Why does one sell art? I'd always created this stuff for my own enjoyment. Why would others buy it even if they did appreciate it?

So I stopped doing it. Everything. I stopped drawing, writing lyrics, playing drums. I basically turned my back on the gifts that God had given me. Which was stupid.

God gives gifts to all of us and wants us to use them. So I say live up to your potential. Go ahead and be good at what you do. Be a rebel and don't let anyone talk you out of what you're good at. You just might make yourself and a lot of other people happy.

Even if you just do it for yourself. Like taking giant icicles and making your own snow sculpture in the backyard. That's free art supplies!